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Write Your Heart Out! Creative Writing & Journal Techniques
Tuesday, October 25, 2022, 10:00am - 11:00pm
Location : Mable House Arts Center
Contact : Holly Tate

Write Your Heart Out! Creative Writing & Journal Techniques

Whether your tween/teen is a reluctant writer or a budding author, this class will make writing easy and fun! 

This is not a class for pushing paper, nor is it a spelling bee contest  - and I will not be the grammar-police. Kids can request technical assistance, but my goal is to promote the JOY of writing and the POWER of self expression through storytelling - especially for kids who have learned to hate reading and writing. (Sadness.) 

For that reason, I encourage kids to let go of perfectionism and feel the freedom of writing as an art form (not a science). As a kid, I was inspired by the brilliance of e.e. cummings with his bold choice to release conventional punctuation.  It felt so liberating and his work was instantly recognizable. My mission is to help your kids find written inspiration too.

So, what’s the story with storytelling? Each week we’ll explore short-story creation through brainstorms, creative writing prompts (for storylines, settings and character development) and point-writing - an easy form of outlining - for plot and structure. Plus we’ll adventure into idioms and metaphors to spice up our creative concoctions. And kids will discover their USP - unique selling proposition - to express their individuality and personality as they create advertisements for candy bars, cars and guitars (alliteration and rhyme intended - we’ll add those too). 

Feel free to use these stories as your speech material when you also enroll in Speak Up (public speaking and communication skills). 

Each week also includes a mini journaling session - using a variety of techniques - so your middle/highschooler can create outlets for self care and self expression. Our journal segment will be a little toe-dip into Magical Mindset Mondays so kids learn to create positive thought habits and actually solve problems, instead of wallowing in a “Dear Diary, My life stinks” pity-party. But I promise, we’ll learn a healthy venting process for those rough days. 

We’ll learn to speed journal for intuitive insight - to discover passions hidden deep in the subconscious mind. And after we unleash those dreams, we’ll create a bullet journal to turn daydreams and wishes into SMART-ER goals. Bullet journals are also great for organizing projects and tracking productivity - so we’ll touch on that as well.

A Note on Journal Privacy: Kids can share their journal insights - or not. We’ll respect everyone’s right to privacy - no pressure, prying or peeking allowed. Journaling can be a powerful self expression tool, but kids are welcome to write about hypothetical situations during class to protect their privacy as we learn and practice techniques. 

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