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Speak Up: Public Speaking & Communication Confidence
Monday, October 03, 2022, 11:00am - 12:00pm
Location : Mable House Arts Center
Contact : Holly Tate

Speak Up: Public Speaking & Communication Confidence

Say goodbye to the fear of speaking up! Help your tween/teen develop confidence in communication  - whether speaking to a crowd, friend or potential employer. 

Did you know that public speaking ranks as America’s #1 fear?  This fear affects over 73% of our population. In research studies, it ranked above the fear of heights, flying, drowning, snakes, spiders, closed spaces, darkness, clowns, ghosts … and zombies! 

But that’s because it’s not just ONE fear - the fear of public speaking is MANY fears rolled into one. It’s the fear of rejection, fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of inadequacy, fear of embarrassment, fear of brain-freeze, fear of imperfection… the list goes on.  

And for the same reason, the fear of speaking up happens in private too. Young people are faced with many challenges - peer pressure, bullies (online and in person) and tough social decisions. It can also be hard asking an adult for help, dealing with a friend’s negativity or interviewing for jobs and colleges. 

These social speaking challenges can lower self esteem and hinder opportunity. Many tweens/teens miss out on opportunities simply because they don’t have the words (or courage) for a difficult conversation. And that leads to low self esteem and a downward spiral for self confidence. Confident communication isn't just for the stage - it also means being clear about your needs, desires, boundaries - and just being clear in general. 

Overcoming speaking fears can be empowering and open many doors. 

Imagine if your child can overcome this fear now - how will it serve them as young adults?  

Will they interview better? Speak out against injustice? Stand up for their treatment in the workplace? At a less intense level, communicating with clarity and confidence can help them speak more effectively via email, texts, social media and even just talking with friends and family - especially about difficult subjects. And who knows - maybe they’ll even become a teacher or motivational speaker one day and inspire thousands of people! 

In this 6-week class, your homeschooler will learn how to consider word choices, clarify vague speech, deal with difficult conversations, and get comfortable speaking in front of others. Our stage skills include how to: project our voices, speak with clarity, use body language and facial expression and most importantly, just be ourselves - even in front of a crowd. 

But this isn’t your average public speaking class, because I’m also a drama teacher and like to have fun. Through storytelling, poetry, silly debates, rockstar & celebrity interviews, “fishbowl impromptu” scenes, charades, “uh-oh skits”, and LOTS of games (think Telephone or 2 truths and a Lie), we’ll create communication confidence and begin to conquer the fear of public speaking (and maybe defeat some zombies while we’re at it - because if we can overcome America's #1 fear, then zombies, watch out!) 

Kids will present for family and friends during the last half of the final class.

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