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Homeschool: Hands-on Art Appreciation
Monday, January 09, 2023, 10:30am - 11:30pm
Location : Mable House Arts Center
Contact : Holly Tate, Ashley Walker

Join Ms. Holly & Ms. Ashley on Monday mornings for a full morning of creative thinking and personal expression!

In HANDS-ON ART HISTORY, Ashley will introduce you to 6 famous artists this session. You’ll learn about their influence and impact in the art world - what they did differently than their predecessors and why/how they chose their particular journey into new innovative territories. Then you’ll integrate their styles and techniques in your own unique creations. 

Artists featured in this Winter1 session: 

Vincent Van Gogh - swirl with the movement of The Starry Night

Claude Monet - make an “impression” with watercolors and lilies

Andy Warhol - wow your viewers with pop art

Frida Kahlo - express yourself with symbolic self-portraits

Georgia O’Keeffe - explore modern art  and her famous florals 

George Seurat - tap into the technique of pointillism

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