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Amphitheatre Safety Requirements

Amphitheatre Safety Requirements

All capacity limits will be enforced. The Lessee must not sell tickets in excess of amphitheatre capacity. The Lessor reserves the rights to monitor the attendance and to limit the admission, should the amphitheatre reach capacity. Sidewalks, passageways, halls, stairways, seating areas or exits may not be obstructed by any object or person.

No person will be allowed to bring in or keep anything that may create a fire hazard or be detrimental to the fire protection of the building. All decorative material must be flame proof and only use of water-based, non-flammable paint is allowed in set preparation. Open flames of any type, i.e. candles, grilles, flashpots, etc. are not allowed except in designated areas and pre-approved by amphitheatre manager.

No gasoline, explosives, oils or artificial lights are permitted in the buildings or on the grounds without the consent of management. The number, amperage and wattage of lights, fixtures or equipment for any event may be limited, subject to availability.

The loading areas are to be kept clear of debris. Parking in this area shall be limited to the time necessary for loading and unloading. Loading zone regulations will be strictly enforced. Fire lanes must remain open at all times. Bus and truck parking will be limited to designated areas.

Lessee shall adhere to all laws and/or ordinances, rules and regulations of any governmental authority having jurisdiction. The authority’s employees and/or its agents shall enter the leased premises for the purpose of discharging their lawful duties.

Lessee shall be responsible for permitting and adhering to all regulations regarding temporary structures and/or tents.

Personal injuries and/or loss or damage to property must be reported to management immediately.

Smoking is prohibited in all Cobb County facilities per the Official Code of Georgia adopted by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners on April 28, 1987.