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Amphitheatre Technical Policy

Amphitheatre Technical Policy

If the show is a “walk-in” (podium type events where nothing is hung or moved and basic “as-is” lighting is used) or if the Lessee provides a full stage and running crew, there will be the need for only one technician on site.

Events needing special lighting or audio set-ups, hanging of drops, moving of the soft goods (i.e. curtains, legs, etc.) will need additional technicians.

Only authorized technicians will operate lights, sound, rigging or stage equipment in the theater. The use of any apparatus to fly, hang, rig, etc. a performer must be pre-approved by management and the technical director.

If the Lessee has major technical and/or set-up needs, the size of the crew will be based on needs and time restraints of each given event. Please consider this with your theater rental time, including move-in/out, rehearsals, and performance.

Lessee agrees to restore the theater to the same condition as it was at the time of occupying the theater unless management notifies Lessee that such restoration is unnecessary.

Lessees should not assume anything about the state of the theater prior to the rental. Numerous Lessees use this space and many rent or provide supplemental production. All custom gels (color) and gobos are the responsibility of the Lessee.

Technical questions regarding the theater will be directed to the Technical Director approved by management. This contact should be made as early as possible prior to the event. Technician fees will be charged at the prevailing rate per person with a 5-hour minimum.

A Technical Director, approved by management, is required on site any time the Lessee is using the theater when lighting, audio or fly systems are in use. This includes load in of a show and any rehearsals.