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Teacher Bios

Teacher Bios

Mariella Owens

Mariella has been doing pottery for over 35 years. As an artist, she is very creative with her work, exploring all the different ways of utilizing the clay and making it work for her. She has parallels between her work and nature.

Her career as an artist started as a hobby for relaxation. She would hand build pieces and play on the wheel.

After 2 or 3 months, it became so fascinating that she started spending her lunch breaks on the wheel, slab roller, and extruder at Riverbend Art Center in Dayton, Ohio. She took a 9 week sessions of classwork at Riverbend Art Center. After completing the three sessions, she was invited to participate in the student's show Riverbend. Within that first show, she sold enough of her work to buy her first potter's wheel. The rest is history.