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Magical Mindset: The Magic of Brain Breaks
Monday, September 19, 2022, 04:00pm - 08:00pm
Location : Mable House Arts Center
Contact : Holly Tate

Doodling, Desktop Drumming and Fidget Games: Relieve stress & anxiety, create focus and clarity, and unlock hidden solutions to your problems - all while you do “nothing”. Actually, that “nothing” state is your brain’s version of a system reboot. Patterns and rhythms are the creative key to unlock the subconscious mind and allow the busy logic-brain to go offline. Learn how to use simple everyday items, numbers, doodles and “ditties” to relax the busy “monkey mind” and reach a calmer “monk mind” - and see what it wants to tell you!

Join Holly Tate - therapeutic arts coach, zen mindfulness trainer, professional musician, and 30yr educator - to learn the art of "Magical Mindset" (and the science behind it). 

With easy art projects, fun journal prompts, rhythmic drumming, musical sound baths and silly games (yes, even for adults), you’ll learn to tune into your heart, focus your mind, restore your spirit, and relax your body - to create "flow state", awaken intuition and fall asleep faster. 

Each class also provides growth mindset tips to help you feel lighter and more positive. Plus the anxiety-hacking and mindfulness habits you learn will follow you back to school, work, or home - to create your calm - wherever and whenever you need it.

No artistic skills, meditation experience (or lotus position) required. ;-)  Just bring a heart for the arts, an open mind, a body ready to relax and a spirit of curiosity.


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