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Amplify Your Voice! Empowering singers of all ages & skill levels
Thursday, September 22, 2022, 04:30pm - 06:00pm
Location : Mable House Arts Center
Contact : Holly Tate

Join professional vocalist and voice coach, Holly Tate, to learn healthy belting & proper breath support, conquer high notes, and defeat performance anxiety - with the triple threat of mindset, vocal technique and CONFIDENCE!

Feeling nervous about an audition?  Worried that high note will crack? Are you an instrumentalist who wants to learn some vocal skills? Or maybe you just need some confidence with belting - or to overcome stage fright.

Whatever your dilemma and whatever your genre - pop, rock, musical theatre, even classical - the trick to singing with confidence is all about having the correct information, effective techniques, an optimistic growth mindset, and most importantly, knowing…


Breath support is the foundation for all healthy singing, especially belting. Yet it's common for students (and even the best chorus teachers and vocal instructors) to misunderstand the breathing system - especially the diaphragm's role. 

An abundance of misinformation published/broadcasted about breathing leaves many singers feeling frustrated with cracks, challenges crossing "the break" and throat exhaustion or hoarseness - or worse, nodules. Back in the 90’s, I had to learn vocal health lessons the hard way - through vocal nodule surgery. Ever since then, I’ve trained singers in vocal health - using lessons from 30 years as a professional singer and vocal coach, PLUS the tips I learned from my laryngologist and speech therapist. 

Sound too clinical? Don't worry, I believe learning should be FUN! So with balloons, playing cards, and a few other bizarre Holly-methods - you'll learn to *properly* access your greatest superpower - air pressure to the rescue! 

In addition to breath training, we will…

Conquer “acro-nota-phobia” - a Holly-ism for “the fear of high notes”. (I tell all my students, “If you learn nothing else from me, you’ll learn the 2 rules for high notes.”)

Unlock the number one secret to belting and mixed/blended voice. Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with stronger throat muscles or even breathing - it’s a placement trick.

Discover and strengthen your blindspots. (We all have them.) Tips for diction, flow, volume, poise, posture, body language, facial expression, charisma, personality, character development... all skills that build confidence. 

Separate facts from myths about breath support, “the break” and chest/head/blend/belt voices.

Bonus Mindset MaterialDiscover WHY you have performance fears in the first place and the mindset hacks you can use to defeat them.

And you'll leave with the understanding that the most important thing you bring to the stage is YOU - and you can't get "you" wrong!

Whether you’re a student just getting started or an advanced vocalist wanting to uplevel your performances, you’ll leave this workshop with a greater sense of ease and a toolkit of healthy singing and performance skills. The adult workshop is also appropriate for chorus teachers & voice coaches as a refresher course or to add new skills to your toolkit. 

Bring a short performance piece you’d like to work on for an audition or upcoming event - or any song you love, just for fun and experience. You can bring lyrics, sheet music or a memorized piece. Just make sure you have a backtrack or it’s available on YouTube. Or feel free to sing a capella if you’re at that confidence level.

If you’re too shy to perform just yet, you can just do the group activities. We’ll meet you wherever you are on your musical journey - no pressure, just progress.

Let’s have some fun and build your confidence!

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