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Cut, Stitch & Craft It! – Hand Sewing Basics - Level 1
Wednesday, April 26, 2023, 01:30pm - 02:30pm
Location : Mable House Arts Center
Contact : Carol Kleywegt

Learn to sew by hand! This class will introduce young children to the concepts of sewing and constructing with felt and fabric. Students will learn needle and scissor safety, knot tying, needle threading, pattern making, fabric cutting and stitches to put things together. Fun projects include a pin cushion, needle wallet, small animal stuffies, small pillows and blanket. 

Class Materials/Student should bring to first class:

  1. Sewing box (can be a box of plastic,
  2. cardboard or a basket w/lid)
  3. 5-10 large eyed-sewing needles
  4. Fabric scissors (sized for the child’s hand)
  5. Assorted-colored embroidery floss (PopShelf Stores offer an 18-pack assortment for $2)
  6. 1 Pack of assorted colored felt (Walmart offers for $3.50)

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