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Homeschool: World Passport Art & Music (Age 4-6)
Monday, April 10, 2023, 09:30am - 11:30am
Location : Mable House Arts Center
Contact : Holly Tate and Ashley Walker

2 Hours, 2 Class Rotations, 2 Teachers = Double the fun!

Join us on Monday mornings for a multicultural exploration of music & art! 

As we travel around the world, kids will experience cross-curricular learning: Sure, our main focus is music & art appreciation, but we'll also explore geography, history, cultures & languages too!

  • 9:30am   Music & Movement w/Ms. Holly
  • 10:30am Visual Arts w/Ms. Ashley
  • 11:30am Pick Up

In visual arts, Ms. Ashley will introduce you to famous artists & art history from around the globe. Then you can mimic those styles in your own creations. Music classes with Ms. Holly include a variety of instruments, dances, games and songs native to the countries, along with music history, terminology & notation.

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Spring Destinations: 

  • Week 1: Interesting India  Create a colorful elephant in a traditional Indian folk art style. Meet 5 interesting Indian instruments - including a nadhaswaram (often played by snake charmers!) plus some Bollywood dancing! 
  • Week 2: Dreams & Dance in Russia & France Learn about the beautiful storytelling art of ballet from France and try some of the many dances of the famous Russian The Nutcracker Ballet. Explore the dreamy surrealist art of Russian-turned-Frenchman Marc Chagall
  • Week 3: Jolly Old England  From London Bridge to Handel’s Royal Fireworks to Brit pop of the 60’s-80’s, we know the music of England will have you feeling jolly! And you’ll feel regal too as you make royal portraits and crowns. 
  • Week 4: Out of this World Blast off with John Williams music from Star Wars & E.T. and whirl through space with an orbit and rotation song and dance. Learn the origin of Twinkle Little Star (spoiler alert: French opera and Mozart!) And boldly go where only your imagination can take you as you create a galaxy filled with acrylic stars and marbleized planets!
  • Week 5: All-American We can’t skip the good ol’ USA! From Native American instruments to the patriotic marching band music of John Philip Sousa, America has a rich history of music. Power up with another All-American favorite: superheroes!  Explore the pop art style of Roy Lichtenstein - BAM!
  • Week 6: Around the World in a Day Ms. Holly will lead a musical Geography Jeopardy game to review all the places we’ve visited this year. Ms. Ashley will teach you to take good care of our beautiful planet with an upcycling/recycling art project.

Join us for some fun globetrotting and passport stamps!

6-week tuition includes BOTH classes (art & music, 2hrs) & ALL supplies

Age 4-6yrs  Register HERE   $130

Got older kids? 

See World Passport (Age 7-10) 

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