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Homeschool: Sign Language (Age 7-10)
Monday, April 24, 2023, 01:00pm - 02:00pm
Location : Mable House Arts Center
Contact : Holly Tate

Looking for a fun alternative to foreign language? 

Perhaps you’re just curious about signing as a fun enrichment program?  Kids LOVE to sign!

Sign language is a joyful expression and offers a world of brain benefits.  It’s a great precursor to foreign language because it stimulates the language area of the brain. 

And research shows that learning to sign has other advantages: heightened awareness, improvement of reading/vocabulary skills and complex patterns, and greater visual/spatial perception (believed to help with driving skills). And while it’s good for the brain, it also cultivates the heart - promoting compassion for the deaf and hard of hearing community. Plus, signing is JUST PLAIN FUN!

Join Ms. Holly for Signed Exact English (SEE). Newcomers are welcome. We’ll review the alphabet, numbers, fingerspelling and continue to work on simple sentences and songs with instruction, partner work and worksheets.

You can practice with videos in our Google Classroom.

About SEE: Signed Exact English was designed by sign language experts to promote proper grammar in the deaf and hard-of-hearing (HOH) community and to ease their communication with hearing people. Hearing students often find SEE much easier and faster to learn than traditional American Sign Language - which is very symbolic and uses incomplete sentences. SEE uses the same signs as ASL, but in English word order and it features lip-reading (instead of just facial expression) which makes it easier for hearing people and deaf/HOH people to understand each other through more visual cues. SEE is the perfect starting point for a beginner student. And since SEE signs are ASL, it’s easy for kids to transition to ASL later if they need to switch.

Meet the Teacher: Hi, I’m Holly Tate. I began my sign language journey 25 years ago when I met my friend Melody, who was born deaf. We became fast friends, so I decided to learn SEE. Melody made it easy for me with memory anchor tricks I’ll teach you in class. Learning to communicate with Melody was so empowering and fun. I love signing & teaching SEE. Learning sign language is fun and rewarding for kids of all ages.  I hope to *SEE* you in class!


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