The Truth Of It All

The Department of Art & Visual Culture at Spelman College is pleased to present work from the senior art major titled The Truth of it All. This online presentation includes projects modified for this web format. Jordan Dantzler, Kai Gee, Lindsay Harris, Cassidy Meyers and Kiara Wilson, as well as Morehouse student Marion Tisdale IV have put forth so much effort and time to create and share their innovative artworks with the public during this challenging time.  They all continue to work on these projects, preparing for their Senior Showcase later this Spring.

Creating work in the yearlong course Portfolio Criticism, these artists underwent a transformation with their own creative practice. The title The Truth of it All signifies these artists searching for their own artistic self and internal truths. The work matured through processes of experimentation, research and iteration. Throughout the year, they were critical and supportive of each other’s work, creating a community of respect and accountability for one another, which self-defining what it means to be an artist.  We are proud of who these artists have become, and look forward to seeing how their tenacity, imagination and originality will transform the culture and world around them. 


Myra Greene

Professor and Chair

Department of Art & Visual Culture

Spelman College

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